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Sadism and Masochism

Erotic slave training and S&M

S&M or Sadism and Masochism

In BDSM, some Dominants enjoy inflicting pain on their submissives. In this scenario, the Dominant is playing the role of a sadist and the slave is a masochist. We have thousands of slave training videos and S&M videos available inside The Training Of O. Whether you are just curious and want to know what S&M is all about or you are looking for hardcore submissive training porn - you have come to the right place.

Sadistic Doms and their submissive slaves

Erotic submission can mean many things

A female submissive will submit herself to many things to please her Master. Be it bondage, whippings, spankings, or other types of punishment, a BDSM slave must be willing to give her mind and body over to her Dom.

SM videos give a glimpse into sadism and masochism

S and M videos are great for dominants and submissive slaves alike

To learn more about the SM in BDSM, many enthusiasts watch S&M videos either alone or with a partner. Learning the art of BDSM slave training takes time and slave training videos can help. Consensual erotic domination is not an activity for the faint of heart and it takes years to truly master. Learning to do rope bondage, the correct method of whipping and spanking, or even the art of psychological domination to create total submission does not happen overnight.

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Slave training and S&M video

Submissive training is a lifestyle choice

Not every female slave is ready to submit to total domination and learn the ways of sexual slavery to men. To train slaves, a Master must use everything from humiliation, bondage and corporal punishment to female orgasms, cocksucking and hardcore sex to break his slave down and build her back up into an obedient sex slave. This is not easy, but the ecstasy of total submission is well worth the effort.

You too, can learn the ways of Sadism and Masochism

S&M can be an interest or a lifestyle - it's up to you

Whether you enjoy the occasional S&M video or want to train your own bondage slaves, there is a place for you in the world of BDSM. Sadism and masochism are natural human tendencies and can be nurtured into a sexually satisfying experience - or lifestyle - depending on your preference. If you want to engage in the world of submissive training, go slowly and learn as much as you can. Slave training videos are an excellent way to do this.